R. A. B.

Rachelle Arreguin

Professor Alley

English vo1

31 July 2012


  1. Ericsson, Stephanie. “The Ways We Lie”. 50 Essays.

            Samuel Cohen. 3rd ed. Boston: Bedford, 2011. 159-168.

In this essay, it expresses the ways people lie and how there is no escape from a lie; this makes me more interested in the book because I can relate to it. People know that it isn’t okay to lie but can’t help it because its natural in some sense and everyone can relate to these lies.

2. Staples, Brent.“Just Walk on By:Black Men and Public Space”. 50 Essays.

            Samuel Cohen. 3rd ed. Boston: Bedford, 2011. 383-386.

     Staples lets his readers know about how people judge him so quickly because of the way he dresses and appears. Everybody that you see around you judge people by the way they dress whether its because they have horrible clothes or they are a higher class and look down on people. There can’t be an escape form this situation even if you try because judgments will effect that person.

3. Tan, Amy. “Mother Tongue”. 50 Essays.

            Samuel Cohen. 3rd ed. Boston: Bedford, 2011. 396-402.

    Tan shows her readers that she grew up learning her hardest to speak English properly because she didn’t want people to make fun of her. Her mother needs her to talk on the phone to people because her mother has a really hard accent. It is hard coming to a place where you don’t speak the language right or even with a slight accent. I was a girl that grew up only speaking Spanish because my dad taught me it and when I got into kindergarten, it was hard for me because I couldn’t communicate with my teacher how she wanted me to.

 4. Thoreau, Henry David. “Where I Lived, and What I Lived For”.

            50 Essays. Samuel Cohen. 3rd ed. Boston: Bedford, 2011. 403-409.

     Thoreau put his shoes into other men’s shoes because he knows that they depend on a women figure to pull them through the day and they don’t know what the outdoors is like because of the technology. Knowing when it is time to put all the technology away is important because it reflects on what you are learning from what you see rather than things on the internet. Men are reflected from that mother figure they grow up with and need to get away from that by getting outdoors like real men should.

5. Anzaldua, Gloria. “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”. 50 Essays.

            Samuel Cohen. 3rd ed. Boston: Bedford, 2011. 33-45.

     She talks about the different types of classes and how people are known for because of they sense of style. This puts everyone down because they are seen as a lower class citizen because of how they live. Just because someone has more things than an average person, does not make them more important because they are human just like everyone else on this planet.

6. Jr. Buckley, William F. “Why Don’t We Complain?”. 50 Essays.

            Samuel Cohen. 3rd ed. Boston: Bedford, 2011. 76-82.

     He talks about the many complaints that people make to someone sitting next to them, but what are they going to do? He points out that people don’t have the courage to go and complain. Speaking your mind is hard because I know that I can’t do that, but it is important to let people know what they are doing wrong or why are they doing it in a different way. Have the courage come out of you and let it all out because some people could be having the same idea or question.

7. Cofer, Judith Ortiz. “The Myth of the Latin Woman”. 50 Essays.

            Samuel Cohen. 3rd ed. Boston: Bedford, 2011. 91-97.

     Cofer shows that there are many people believe the stereotypes that spread about Latinas and how they are judged so quickly without getting to be known. It shows that people out in the world don’t want to find out for themselves and be a leader but a follower. People spread rumors and lies all the time and it is something that grows past you when you get older, but when being a little kid it’s pure torture.

8. Malcolm X. “Learning to Read”. 50 Essays.

            Samuel Cohen. 3rd ed. Boston: Bedford, 2011. 257-266.

     Even though Malcolm X was in a bad place when he was growing up, he found a way to get through it by making the knowledge of learning new words everyday and becoming the speaker that he is known for today. Everyone has access to learning, no matter where you are, there is a place where people can learn and get the knowledge that they need and want.

9. Stanton, Elizabeth Cady. “Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions”. 50 Essays.         Samuel Cohen. 3rd ed. Boston: Bedford, 2011. 379-382.

     I like how she made a declaration for women because they should also get treated just like any other authority in the world. Women deserve the same, or at least about the same, rights as men do because women know they are capable of doing the same job as men and prove to themselves and people around them that they can do the job just as well as a guy.

10. Didion, Joan. “On Morality”. 50 Essays.

            Samuel Cohen. 3rd ed. Boston: Bedford, 2011. 106-111.

     She has explained, from being a kid the morality that you should be taught is right from wrong and usually as you grow up it comes with you because it is stored in your brain which triggers your actions. Growing up with strict parents will give that kid a different morality than a kid with parents that don’t care but these kids should know the important moralities, such as don’t touch, stay away from strangers, etc..


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We Care

Lady Raiders Softball dedicates some of their funds by supporting breast cancer awareness. We raise money by throwing some tournaments and selling different t-shirt designs.

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Bring softball back to olympics !!!

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Lady Raiders

Lady Raiders Softball makes sure to welcome new people all the time. We are a family !

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Jennie Finch

For softball, we need the Olympics. For young girls dreaming of that Olympic dream, that’s where it’s at, and that’s where it all started in ’96 for our sport.” – Jennie Finch

Jennie Finch Softball player Jennie Finch poses for a portrait during the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Media Summitt at the Palmer House Hilton on April 14, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois.

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